Endless Dungeon

Adventure Pros

Cleared the 1st level dungeon

Their story starts here with the group page

The group arrived at the portal, greeted by guards and given some extra supplies. Oskar threw Jeremy a sideways look and Jeremy knew that his theory of people not having enough to survive was wasting away. Even with that theory slightly crumbled, the group still went into the portal without hesitation.

The other side greeted the group with darkness, and Oskar lit a torch so everyone could see where they had ended up. Bryant immediately took the torch and marked their location with chalk while Sollas looked for traps.

One exit and tight hallways awaited the the brave adventures. They found monsters and traps, traps, monsters and loot. Sollace had a few rotating blades find him, but proved his worth by avoiding most traps and finding a hidden room. Bryant exhausted his magical reserves, faithfully held the torch, and only dropped it to savagely rip at a monster with his deformed hands. Jeremy kept spirits high as he closed many wounds and screamed about his god while dropping creatures. Oskar proved to be the force that drove the group forward.

Oskar showed the talent that he hopes to make him a famous slayer of creatures. When all seemed lost, the fates smiled upon him. All his allies down, and he managed to finished a nasty creature who dropped the cleric in one bite. Always the first into the room after Sollas looked at the door. At one point Oskar took a poisoned needle to the neck, only to pull it out, lick the dart and confirm a weaker man would not have fared so well.

The group cleared out the entire area, found some loot, but only found another portal to escape with. They stayed a few days to recover and see if any more creatures would be wandering about. Jeremy used his divine connection to top off their water supply and shared his new theory that this place is less like a maze and more like some kind of magical prison. The group has decided they will take this new portal and continue on, and Bryant will still be marking their locations with chalk.

You Recieved a Pack holding (added to initial supplies on character sheets)

4 Masterwork Adventuring tools (thieves tools)
28 days supply of rations
7 Water Skins filled with water.

♦ Remaining Loot

Wand of cure light wounds (10 charges) Bryant
Wand of lesseer vigor (6 charges) Bryant
MW studded leather Sollas
5 potions of cure light wounds Jeremy
1 Oil of magic weapon Jeremy
343 Total Group Gold Oskar
MW weapons; longsword, rapier, dwarven waraxe, flail & morning star (added to sheets)

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