Adventure Pros

They have sent in the rest, it is time for the best.


This party started with a dwarf aspiring to become a famous slayer. The cleric liked the sound of stopping evil where it spawns, and the other two guys are along for the ride. They have seen others enter the portal and not return, but determination pushes them beyond self preservation.

Plan of Action

The group pooled their remaining coin for the journey, and Bryant claimed he could summon an ally with a little more gold for materials. The sorcerer’s ritual took an entire day, but a familiar came to his call. Oskar was not the least bit impressed to find out he had been waiting for a toad. “You spent all that gold for a snack, we needs a real plan,” Oskar shouted in frustration. Jeremy was always the voice of reason. He broke down the situation they were in and pointed out why others have probably failed. Jeremy’s best guess was that the portal must lead to maze, or the others run out of supplies like light, food or water. Either that or the portal was instant death, but then they would have nothing to worry about. Jeremy volunteered that Heironeous could provide them water, and Oskar can see when all of our torches fail. Sollas had the idea of marking where they go with chalk, so they would not get lost. Hearing Sollas, Oskar spoke up like he was waiting for his cue, “and that is what Bryant can do for wasting our time.” With that the group bought supplies and left for their King’s horrible portal.

Party Click token pictures below
Cleric Human Jeremy Lightbringer click for character sheet
Fighter Dwarf Oskar Hlin click for character sheet
Rogue Half-elf Sollas click for character sheet
Sorcerer Human Bryant Smith click for character sheet

Jeremy Lightbringer

Fully content with healing villagers and taking care of the small community he had grown up in, Jeremy never planned on being an adventurer. It was Oskar’s arrival that changed Jeremy’s life. Oskar wanted to hunt down nasty things so they could never reach Jeremy’s village. Jeremy had never thought of stopping evil at the source, but believed in the dwarfs determination. Jeremy’s ability to heal himself made him a welcomed ally on Oskar’s Journey.

Oskar Hlin

Prideful Dwarf who always felt he was too big to stay in the mines. He wanted to be a famous slayer of epic monsters. Sure he could find monsters close to home, but he wanted to drop the creatures that would make men vomit and soil themselves. Being an adventurer made sense, so he would have some witnesses to his great prowess.


Sollas is a half-elf, the offspring of an elven woman and human father. Raised by his father, he was given the elven name Sollas, meaning “wild history”, as a reminder of what happens when elves and human mix. Eventually Sollas came to terms with not quite fitting in, and acquired the skills needed to set off as an adventurer.

Bryant Smith

Bryant was a tough boy with fiery copper hair. His natural talents for the arcane appeared at an early age, but as he grew into his teens he knew something was not right. After his fingertips grew back further, started hardening, and growing down the sides of his fingers, his mother told him a love story that changed his life. You could not tell by looking at his mother, but her father was a copper dragon. It was Bryant’s innate magical power that was pulling draconic changes from his tainted blood. Being good of heart, and not expecting a normal life, Bryant knew he would always be welcomed as an adventurer.

Adventure Pros

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