Dirt Nap

Can the DM beat his own dungeon?


Love, Greed, Wealth, and Fame all drive this group together. Once strangers the four united under a single banner “Dirt Nap” to overcome the trials of the mysterious portal, save the prince and claim their prize.

Jessica “Shade” Conner, expert trap smith and cunning warrior, She fights with the tenacity of a warrior and skill of a rogue. Of the entire group she cares little for the money or titles attached to said prize, she is just here to test her mettle and claim another notch under her belt

Lauren Fireweed, is a wandering magi, having been exiled from the elven forests due to her love of fire magic, she now searches for adventure and power across the lands, She wishes to claim power with he new found wealth and experience and use it to further her studies.

Osirus Kain, is what some might call a Dick, he cares little for social graces but has a good heart in the end. Osirus’s purpose behind the adventure is to take the rewarded coin and use it to start a temple of Pelor in the nearby mountains

Trip Jacobs, is what some might call a romantic, his purpose here is he desired the princesses hand more then anything in the world. Having failed to court her under a number of occasions due to his lower rank and station Trip has finally got his chance.

Dirt Nap

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