Slain: Mark's Misfits

Mark's Misfits Met Misfortune


A group formed by answering the call for heroes. The two elves knew each other from previous service to a human lord. The human seems to want to do the right thing for self righteous reasons, and the halfling sees a gamble he should not overlook. None of group know how much they can truly trust one another, but hopefully common goals will bring better then common results.


  1. Scout – Elf
  2. Warmage – Elf
  3. Paladin – Human
  4. Rogue – Halfling

Ruarahtria (Lvl 1 Scout)

STR 14
DEX 20
CON 10
INT 12
WIS 14
HP: 8
AC: 18 TH: 15 FF: 13
Fort: 0 Reflex: 7 Will: 2
Feats: Dodge

Speaks: Elven, Orc

Modivation:Having spent so much time from his home, he wants to find the lost son and stop the evil behind the portal.

Amyn (Lvl 1 Warmage)

STR 12
DEX 14
CON 10
INT 16
CHA 18
HP: 6
AC: 16 TH: 12 FF: 14
Fort: 0 Reflex: 2 Will: 1
Feats: Combat Casting

Spells Per Day: 5 Zero lvl 4 First.

Spells known: Warmage Spell List

Speaks: Draconic, Elven, Gnoll and Sylvan

Modivation:Keeping an eye on the young scout.

Jim Jones (Lvl 1 Paladin)

STR 16
DEX 10
CON 12
WIS 14
CHA 18
HP: 11
AC: 16 TH: 10 FF:16
Fort: 3 Reflex: 0 Will: 2
Feats: Endurance, Die Hard

Smite Evil (+4 att & lvl damage) Per Day: 1

Modivation:For my followers I will save the son of our good King.

Timothy Trapspringer (Lvl 1 Rogue)

STR 10
DEX 20
CON 10
INT 16
WIS 14
HP: 6
AC: 18 TH: 16 FF:13
Fort: 1 Reflex: 8 Will: 3
Feats: Nimble Fingers

Speaks: Dwarven, Elven, Gnome and Halfling

Modivation:Let these meat heads score me loot and a lady.


Character Backgrounds

Scout – Ruarahtria – Elf
Ruarahtria, whose name meant star beast dancer, was named as such because his parents loved to run wild with the animals of the night. Unfortunately fate would take him away from the woods his parents loved so dear.

I was only 30 years old, recruited at a very early age, to be in the service of a Human Lord. It was the master of arms, my favorite teacher, who brought me the news. She said I was ready to be a scout, and she was honored to have shown me the way of the sword. I could see the sadness in my parents’ eyes as they helped prepare for my journey. They did not see the importance in my obligation, but I knew what I was doing was for the good of everyone. Another 30 years passed in the loyal service of my lord. Then he died and I had fulfilled the obligation of my service. Half my young life had passed. It was at my lord’s funeral I decided I would travel even further from my homeland. It was in the service of the militia that I saw the approaching evils of the world. All the darkness needs to engulf everything, is for good people to do nothing. I knew I could not return home until the tide was turned, and with those thoughts I had decided to become an adventurer. I vowed to stop evil wherever it is found.

Warmage – Amyn – Elf

Amyn earned his name from the observation of other sylvan folk. His name meant swan people. When reminded of what his name meant, Amyn would smile with the thought that he must have been the ugly duckling.

Joining the service of same human lord as Ruarahtria, I had already been trained in the arts of war. I was no where near as young as the child scout, and only spoke briefly with him during the past 20 years. Not because I disliked him, I just kept to myself mostly. After the lords funeral I followed the young one and decided I would help him until he was ready to return home.

Paladin – Jim Jones – Human

Parents long gone, Jimmy was raised by clerics for as long as he could
remember. He did not chose to become a paladin, he was just born that

I feel the divine, and people see me as a leader. My hands are driven
by righteous force. Someday I will have lots of follows and together
we will welcome the divine, but today I will find the lost child of
our king.

Rogue – Timothy Trapspringer – Halfling

Life is not easy for a halfling. Timothy was never fond of picking pockets.
The smartest dumb thing he ever did was start trading in trap work. People
have wanted him to go to nasty places and set nasty traps. Then other people
would want him to disarm those traps. Business was good but a little dangerous.
He finally caught a break when he met these guys.

Can you believe those bleeding hearts are all concerned about saving the boy.
As long as these idiots can pull this off, I am looking at a mound of gold,
my own land to sit around a bon fire, and a princess to refill my wine. Did I
mention the scratch is unreal. Even if these meat heads get eaten, at the very
least I should find a little gold for my trouble.

Slain: Mark's Misfits

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