Special Team 7

A rag-tag team of dwarves


Party sheet

Blue: The leader of the team, he’s not the most skilled fighter but he makes up for it with his ability to take a hit or two, his main reason to run into this dangerous dungeon is to prove his worth and to take home all the gold he can carry, and that’s a lot of gold

Red: he’s Blue’s childhood friend, he’s a lot more agile than his old buddy and shows it by his mastery of the dual-weapon combat form. He is also after the gold more than anything

Black: He’s a mysterious fellow that one, no one really knows where he came from, and he likes it that way. A skilled fighter, he’s also the designated trapfinder of the group, meaning his job is to run up and down hallways and start traps… or find them if he can, whatever.

White: The elder of the bunch, he brings much needed wisdom to the party, along with his healing magic, he tries to do his best to keep the rest of the dwarves alive, but god knows it’s not an easy job


Special Team 7

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