(Slain) Zob's (not careful enough) Careful Casters

A mix of Melee and Magic, Wits and Wisdom, and a Love for Loot bring this foursome together!



Charles (in Charge)
Loves: Charging into battle, Hacking the bad guys, and occasionally remembering he has some spells to cast when people get hurt.

Zogar (the Chain Wielding Dwarf)
Loves: Hitting from a distance, tripping up enemies, keeping companions safe… and seeing in the dark.

Chiisai (The handy Rogue)
Loves: Seeing things that others don’t, finding secrets, using her hands… and stabbing people in the back. Usually the bad guys.

Will (The Wily Wizard)
Loves: Enemies that can’t fight back, 3 other people in his party to carry his loot, knowing everything


(Will keep loot list here)

(Slain) Zob's (not careful enough) Careful Casters

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