Creation Rules

All Players will be required to Build a party of four players using the following rules.

Why Build a Party?

Do to the Free Form Nature of this campaign, players can come and go as they please, contacting the GM and other players to organise their own adventures into the depths.

Having a fully functional party allows you to adventure on your own, or make a few charecters and adventure with others. The mechanics of this are simple enough.


Player Death is less harsh in this environment, While playing alone, if one of your players drop below 0 hp, at the end of combat your allies are given 1 round to revive their fallen allies. Any charecters after that time are considered unconscious they Loose the rewarded experience, but are revived to 1 hp.

This in the end generally favours the party, while you loose out on experience, you save resources and don’t have to worry about resurrections.

OMG TPK! (Total Party Kill):

TPK’s generally only happen when a party runs out of resources and or make large mistakes.

Sorry to say, if everyone dies, you gotta start over, but don’t worry, there are plenty of adventurers that will love to loot your corpses as they follow in your footsteps.

Loot! what about the Loot?!?:

Loot is important to a lot of players, the way each level is designed, Loot will always be dropped that should be of some use to any party.

Magical gear are always presented with a base cost, to avoid confusion here is a simple example.

Magical Weapon +1 35 gold base

What this means is its a master work, Magical weapon, and is any weapon in the PHB up to a Base cost of 35 gold.

When Grouping with Others try and split the loot evenly among your palyers.

At the end of session, one player from the group should be nominated to post the chosen loot on the Items section of this site. Any consumables or charges should be removed from this list.


Identification follow Specific Rules in this campaign, please look at the corresponding Wiki page

All Loot should be EVENLY distributed admits your party.

Character Creation Rules



18, 16, 14, 14, 12, 10
you can take a single -2 adjustment to any score to add a single +2 to a different score, as long as no ability score exceeds 18 before racial mods

This can only be applied once per charecter


Max HP at level 1
Rolled at subsequent levels, re-rolling 1’s


PHB Races only
Human None
Dwarf +2 Constitution, –2 Charisma
Elf +2 Dexterity, –2 Constitution
Gnome +2 Constitution, –2 Strength
Half-elf None
Half-orc +2 Strength, –2 Intelligence –2 Charisma
Halfling +2 Dexterity, –2 Strength

Available Classes & Starting Gold.

Barbarian – 4d4 x 10
Bard – 4d4 x 10
Cleric – 5d4 x 10
Druid – 2d4 x 10
Fighter – 6d4 x 10
Monk – 5d4 x 10
Paladin – 6d4 x 10
Ranger – 6d4 x 10
Rogue – 5d4 x 10
Sorcerer – 3d4 x 10
Wizard – 3d4 x 10

Unearthed Arcana
(class variants/other class variants Only)

PHB2: Removed Due to imbalance

Complete Warrior:
Swashbuckler – 6d4 x 10
Samurai – 6d4 x 10
Hexblade – 6d4 x 10

Complete Divine:
Favored Soul – 5d4 x 10
Shujenga – 5d4 x 10
Spirit Shaman – 2d4 x 10

Complete Arcane:
Warmage – 4d4 x 10
Warlock – 4d4 x 10
Wu Jen – 3d4 x 10

Complete Adventuer:
Scout – 6d4 x 10
Spellthief – 5d4 x 10
Ninja – 5d4 x 10


See Feats Wiki for available Feats list and sources


By Class:
Bard -Spell List from PHB Only
Cleric -Spell List and Domains from PHB Only
Paladin – Spell List from PHB Only
Ranger – Spell List from PHB Only
Sorcerer – Spell List from PHB Only
Wizard – Spell List from PHB Only
Hexblade – Spell List from Complete Warrior // PHB
Favored Soul – Spell List from Complete Divine // PHB
Shujenga – Spell List from Complete Divine // PHB
Warmage – Spell List from Complete Arcane // PHB
Wu Jen – Spell List from Complete Arcane // PHB

Additional Spell sources have been allotted to supplemental casters to give them added flair and style over base line classes

Alignment Restrictions


Campaign Specific Rules

* Character Recreation*

Every once in a while as players we make a character that does not work, either with your current party, or at all.

While such events are rare, you have an option to replace your character with another character of equal wealth of equipment from Dragnar’s

Such actions require DM consultation before hand.

Exchanged members must hold an equal portion of loot when being swapped (GP for GP) party loot stays with the party

No Multi Classing

You Cannot Multi Class in this Campaign, This is done to prevent power gaming and force players to make hard choices with early progression. By removing the option to multi class in session levelling can happen without a large delay to play and Characters stay simple enough that game play can be streamlined.

No Prestige Classes

This Rule was implemented for much of the same reason the no multi classing Rule. At first prestiges were going to be allowed in this game, but to keep the game streamlined for fast play and levelling Prestiges have been removed

No Shape Shifting

Shape Shifting slows game play, can be breaking to a game, and causes certain logistical issues in dungeons, for this reason Druids have been removed from the game, and shape shifting spells in general have also been removed. Spells like Alter self still work as intended.

No Mass Summons

As before, Summons can slow play, Any player wishing to cast a summon spell will have to have the creature token prepared prior to the session start, and it must be submitted to the DM. If the creature is not prepared for the session the spell fizzles.

Also a Casters can only have 1 active summon spell at a time.
(So a party of 4 wizards could cast summon monster 4 x in a battle)

Spells and Macros

Casters will have to have prepared macros created for all prepared spells and incantations. Failure to have a understandable macro prepared and a wiki link/source PG#. referenced will have their spell fizzled

Also if spells allows Saving throws, or SR you must include that in the descriptive text.

I know all this may seem harsh, but a prepared caster means a faster, and more enjoyable game for everyone, including your dm, know your spells and be prepared before it is your turn to act, so players are not waiting for you to make decisions.

Turn Duration and Communications

A single round consists of 6 seconds, amidst all the chaos your players are only able to say one small sentence a round.

Example of what not to do:
Bob casts a spell while being attacked by a kobald
Jim: “BoB do you need help?”
BoB cant reply as he is casting a spell with verbal componants
Fred: “Bloody hell man!”
Jill: “Just Go!”

This would be a long winded conversation for six seconds, and such acts should be avoided, Players are asked to only talk on their initiatives to simulate the speed of combat.

Example of what to do:
Bob casts a spell while being attacked by a kobald
Jim says “Don’t worry BoB I’m coming!” as he charges a nearby kobald

Don’t be afraid to make snap decisions on your initiative, you and your characters are not expert strategists, and even if they are in the heat of battle mistakes are made, live in the moment and let the dice do the work.

Players who delay the game will find their characters taking inaction as they “think” of what to do.

Restricted Materials

The reason for the restricted materials and classes is to try and keep game balance so that no class dramatically out shines the others, Spells feats and class features have been reviewed to optimise the game in a manner that all involved can enjoy the game.

Players are asked to try and be prepared so that their characters can act even when out of spells, or low on hit points. buy potions, ranged weapons, melee weapons and adventuring gear so that you will be able to survive in an endless dungeon. Food, water, and perhaps entertainment should be looked into as who knows how long you will be down there.


This game is designed so Rest is limited. Players can only rest when they reach certain check points, this is to ensure there is a constant challenge to the players, but also force players to live with their mistakes. Blow all your spells in the first encounter, and find your self crippled as you crawl further into the depths of the dungeon.

Safe Rooms in the dungeon are designed in a way that once secured you can rest without worry, but as soon as they are reopened they cannot be secured again.

Also after clearing a floor that floor is deemed “safe” for resting. so don’t jump ahead before your fully prepared as who knows when you will be able to rest again.

Creation Rules

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