Identification of magical items work differently in this game then standard 3.5.

Unidentified items provide no benefit to the players who wield them.

Unidentified Potions only grant 1/2 their beneficial bonuses

Players can us Skill Checks with Appraise and Spell Craft to identify magical items.

Identify DC’s
Item Type Base DC Modifier
Scrolls 20 2 x Spell level
Potions 25 2 x Spell level
Wands 30 2 x spell Level
Weapons 30 5 x Enhancement Bonus
Armor 30 5 x Enhancement Bonus
Wondrous Items 35 Rarity
Rods 40 Rarity
Rings 45 Rarity
Staffs 50 Rarity

Players can also use spells and other skill checks to lower the Effective DC’s

DC Modifiers
Ability/Check Application Modifier
Detect Magic All -15 DC
Knowledge:Religion Divine -10 DC
Knowledge: Arcana Arcane -10 DC
Heal Healing and Restoration -10 DC
Craft Alchemy Potions -10 DC
Knowledge: History Artifacts -5 DC
Previously Sampled Potions -5 DC

If you successfully lower the DC below 0 you automatically identify the item.


Jill the Wizard finds an Unidentified Magical Sword (+2 enhancement bonus) the starting DC for such an item is 40.

Jill has +10 to Spell Craft, so she casts Detect Magic and tries a Knowledge Arcana Check to reduce the DC by 25 (15 from Detect Magic and 10 from the Knowledge Check)

The item’s New DC is 15, With Jill’s Modifiers she needs to roll a 4 or higher to identify the weapon.

If the weapon was a +5 weapon Jill would be forced to cast identify to learn its magical properties.

Bob the Rogue finds a potion (Cure Light Wounds) The DC to identify the item is 27 (25+2).

Bob, has Appraise as a class skill with a modifier of 6(4+Int) uncertain of his skill he tries a few different skills to lower the DC.

Craft Alchemy, Knowledge Untrained, and Heal to potentially lower the DC by 30 (10 from each skill)

If Bob Passed all three checks he would automatically succeed in identifying the potion without rolling appraise.

Bob in fact fails his Untrained Knowledge check, but lowers the DC to 7 with his other two checks, Taking it safe he takes 10 to make sure he figures out the potion.

Players are able to take 20 on all checks in a safe room, or cleared floor, effectively identifying most magical items in their possession

Players can also take 10 on all checks in non-hostile conditions


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