Loot and Weight


Loot will be given in one of the following ways:

Players can safe guard their treasure while exploring, but must physically be able to carry all their loot to take it with them to a new floor


Treasure, while generally useless, holds value to certain individuals, For the purpose of this game, all treasure items weigh 1/100th of their gold value, so a gem worth 200 gold pieces weights 2 lbs


Coins come in various types and sizes, from the near weightless copper coin to the heavier gold and platinum pieces. This is the universal currency in this Campaign.

Standard Coinage weight: 1 lb for every 50g in worth
(so 50 gold 500 silver and 5000 coper all weigh 1 lb

Platinum though worth 10x that of gold weighs the same amount, so 50 platinum coins (worth 500g) would only weigh 1 lb,

Mundane/MW Items

These items are worth the amount listed in the PHB, and can be sold for 1/2 their listed value

Magical Items

These items are worth their listed Values in the MIC & DMG, and can be sold for 1/2 their listed Value


Consumables consist of Charged items (wands) potions and scrolls, these items are all worth their standard amount in the MIC and PHB but can only be sold for 1/4 their market value

Special Materials

Unless otherwise noted, All items found are made with normal materials for its type, and have a type category attached, if you see no category, please ask your DM what type it is.

Special materials should be noted in loot as such:

Material, Enhancment, Equipment Slot, Equipment Type


Mitheral, +2, Armor, Light

Loot and Weight

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